SmartSource Professional Elite, Single Pocket, 75 dpm, 100 item feeder (SSP1-ELITE75) with inkjet

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NEW! This new product is a direct replacement for the SmartSource Pro Elite 55, which is subject to availability and will be discontinued when inventory is depleted. Direct replacement for the SSP1-ELITEM55

SmartSource Check Scanner, Professional Elite Series, Single Pocket, 75 dpm, 100 item feeder. Included with this scanner : Qty 1 Endorser Option (SSP1-E).

For use in remote deposit capture, the Elite line features two lower-cost scanners, the SmartSource Merchant Elite and the SmartSource Elite 55. Both are identical to the SmartSource PRO Elite, but operate at 55 documents per minute; the Elite 55 includes a rear Inkjet endorser, while the Merchant Elite does not.

SmartSource Elite Series Features and Benefits

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As the name implies, the SmartSource Professional Elite incorporates the best features of the highly popular SmartSource Professional Scanner.  With a throughput of 155 documents per minute, the SmartSource Professional Elite scanner provides the speed necessary to process large deposits.  Standard features include ID card scanning and a high-resolution, 4-line rear ink-jet endorser for printing text, logos and graphics. These features along with quiet operation, ease of use and one of the smallest footprints in the industry make the SmartSource Professional Elite scanner ideal for teller capture and remote deposit capture applications.

Industry-Leading Endorsements

The SmartSource Professional Elite scanner is configured with the same industry-leading rear ink-jet endorser as the SmartSource Professional.  This endorser is capable of printing up to 4 lines of text and 600 dpi graphics or logos.  The intelligent cartridge warns the operator when ink is low.

ID Card Imaging

The SmartSource Professional Elite scanner has an alternate input path for thicker items such as ID cards eliminating the need for additional scanning hardware.  This feature saves hundreds of dollars and valuable desktop space in applications where an image of a hard card such as an ID or health insurance card need to be captured.

Ease of use – Easy to maintain

Hinged covers, automatic feeder flag, document insertion graphic, and the SmartClear button simplify training for the SmartSource Professional Elite scanner and make it easy to use.  The robust design equates to no flimsy parts that break easily.  Cleaning is a simple matter of running a Burroughs cleaning card through the scanner.  Consumables will last the life of the product in most teller capture applications and are common with the SmartSource Professional scanner.  Common consumables simplify consumable ordering and stocking for locations deploying both the SmartSource Professional and Professional Elite scanners. 

API Support

The SmartSource Professional Elite will be supported by the following APIs:

Silver Bullet Ranger API version 2.7.5-8.8.8 (4/15/13 release)

Silver Bullet Ranger API version 4.2.0-9.0.1 (5/6/13 release)

One Year Warranty