Corporate Responsibility

Our Company


Data Financial, Inc. is committed to putting our resources to work where we can do the most good for others in our communities large and small. The individuals in our organization participate in charitable, philanthropic, spiritual and ecological efforts. The company provides financial and hands-on volunteer resources to many organizations.


Data Financial, Inc. is committed to ethical behavior in all we do. We strive to be a company with integrity and a company that is dedicated to doing what is right. Each of us is charged with the responsibility to uphold and extend our standards for ethical behavior.

We pledge to:

  • Keep our promises
  • Be honest and fair in all business endeavors
  • Conduct ourselves in a dignified manner
  • Demonstrate respect for all

Around Us

Data Financial, Inc. demonstrates a commitment to ‘sustainability’ exemplified by respect for our natural environment. Sustainability practices within our business are visible through product choices, practices and decisions. Whether it’s reducing energy consumption, selecting environmentally friendly products and practices, Data Financial, Inc. demonstrates sustainability in many ways.

Philosophically, we are a team dedicated to:

  • Leadership — demonstrated through communication, mentoring and modeling
  • Partnering — with employees, vendors & customers to create positive outcomes
  • Integrating — a unified ethical vision demonstrated in company goals and mission
  • Accountability — accepting responsibility for products, decisions, and policies
  • Empowerment — fostering opportunities for all to create positive change