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Data Financial, Inc. Opens Cash Automation Solution Center

Data Financial, Inc. completes and opens the first Cash Automation Solution Center in Wisconsin

Jan 10th 2019

Mequon, WI - January 10, 2019

Data Financial, Inc. has announced the completion and opening of the first Cash Automation Solution Center in Wisconsin. Located in the company’s headquarters in Mequon, WI, the Solution Center showcases hardware and software products designed specifically to automate cash processes in financial, gaming and retail markets.

“We are excited about this unique offering, which features cash automation products for all of the markets we serve,” according to Marc Masi, Co-President of Data Financial, Inc. “Until now,” Masi continued, “a hands-on experience often required a visit to a customer site or a video presentation. A visit to our new Solution Center will offer customers the opportunity to explore all aspects of the hardware and software, as well as discuss specific applications with our technical staff.”

Data Financial, Inc. has been an industry leader in cash handling solutions for over three decades. Products limited to just counting cash have been replaced and advanced by software-driven hardware, typically integrated to customers’ processing systems. With today’s products, user accountability, security and the customer experience are elevated to new levels.

Whether it is processing cash in a teller line, the cash room in a casino, or the cash operating center in a resort, owners and management are quickly shifting to machine technology to reduce staffing costs and enhance accountability. “Data Financial, Inc. is a distributor of the most respected product lines in the industry and we are looking forward to offering customers the opportunity to see our solutions in a meaningful way,” Masi said.

“We know that the future of cash is widely discussed these days,” Masi continued. According to Victoria Cleland, Chief Cashier and Director of Notes for the Bank of England, “Many people are surprised to learn that demand for cash continues to grow… and countries like the US, Canada, Australia and the Euro Area are all experiencing year-on-year growth in the 5% to 10% range, some countries well in excess of this.” (June, 2017).

Recognizing that cash usage will continue to grow, products and solutions featured in the Data Financial, Inc.Solution Center include total cash recycling systems for retail and gaming, branch cash recycling for banks and credit unions and various products for self-serve coin counting and wrapping. Table top products for traditional cash processing are on display and available for trial use.

“One of the most exciting products we are adding is the new TellerInfinity Teller-Assisted Service Solution from Glory Global Solutions. We are convinced Glory has met the challenge of automating customer transactions without sacrificing the customer experience,” Masi said.

Information on the Teller Infinity interactive teller product is available at https://www.datafinancial.com/g/l/glory_tellerinfinity_3_.pdf

Glory Global Solutions recycling products are widely known and respected in the financial markets. More than70% of all cash recycling systems installed in US financial institutions are manufactured by Glory with the same technology and engineering expertise utilized in the CI-300 Retail Cash Recycling System. Cash recycling devices enable cashiers to deposit mixed currency and coin into the machines. The currency is checked for fitness and counterfeit properties and, if accepted, sorted and deposited into secure cassettes within the cash vault. Custom employee programming and verification track all transactions and provide balancing and enable proper dispense for employee starting cash.

The retail, gaming and hospitality industries have moved very quickly toward the cash processing technology offered by the Glory Global Solutions CI-300 product. The CI-300 enables personnel who work with cash to efficiently, accurately and securely begin a shift with the proper amount of cash. At the conclusion of the shift, cash is deposited into the safe/cash recycler and each employee receives an accurate account of cash receipts. The cash is securely held and made available for multiple shifts throughout the day. Management can view all CI-300 cash levels and activity remotely. The system is designed to improve the back office cash settlement process, offer till replenishment and easy end-of-day balancing.

"Our Wisconsin and Michigan customer sites utilizing cash automation, value the added security and account validation provided. Whether in a premier golf destination, family-friendly waterpark, gaming environment or hospitality venue,” Masi said “we now know that it’s not so much if, but when, cash recycling and automation systems will replace manual cash rooms and operations,” Masi continued.

Information about the Glory Global Solutions CI-300 Cash Recycling System is available at https://www.datafinancial.com/g/l/glory_ci-300_sellsheet.pdf.

Customers are invited to make an appointment to visit the Data Financial, Inc. Cash Automation Solution Center in Mequon, WI. For more information, contact Marc Masi at 800-334-8334 or email mmasi@datafinancial.com.

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Founded in 1983, Data Financial, Inc. provides products, systems solutions, and custom software to retail, hospitality, gaming, financial and commercial customers. The company offers consultation, custom software, and a wide selection of cash handling products for all industries, including the full line of Diebold-Nixdorf ATM products. Data Financial, Inc. represents most major manufacturers and offers technical support throughout the United States. The company is headquartered in Mequon, WI.