Maverick Mx-3 Touch Series Exception Item Encoder (MX3-Touch-2)

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NEW! Maverick MX-3 Touch Check Encoder

Maverick's new MX-3 Touch Exception Item Encoder has both a standard keyboard for quick entry and a touchscreen for navigation!

The dual interface Touch utilizes a full color touch screen with navigation tiles and a numeric keypad for quick data entry. Tiles can be programed and named for single fixed field, variable fields, or a combination of fields. For instance, you can make a tile named "Counter Check" with both fixed and variable data fields. When that tile is selected, it pulls the fixed data and prompts you for the variable data. Enter that data and drop your document. 

Unit comes with MICR Ribbon and self program guide.


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Encoding exception items at the point-of-entry saves time and money.

The MX-3 Touch Exception Item Encoder provides full keyboard programmability for maximum flexibility. Eliminate cost and lost time associated with programming changes that can only be done at the factory. With state-of-the-art circuitry and a stout mechanical design, the MX-3 eliminates downtime. The MX-3 meets or exceeds the rigid ANSI MICR specification for MICR encoding and features a ribbon cartridge that is simple to change with absolutely no mess. This unit is lightweight, compact and is a perfect fit for a small work center.

The MX-3 Touch's state-of-the-art circuitry, which includes USB2 communications and an ARM processor, allows you to encode twice as fast as a MICR III.

This compact robust encoder will meet your requirements for an accurate and reliable MICR exception item encoder. Simply key the information, drop the document, and the MX-3 Touch will encode the MICR code-line exactly to ANSI specification. Program functions directly through the keyboard, snap in a ribbon, and begin encoding with minimal operator training.

The space saving MX-3 Touch has a footprint about the size of a piece of paper and will allow you to improve customer service by encoding items at the branch level. By encoding documents such as lobby deposits, counter checks, bonds, and repairing items for reprocessing, the MX-3 Touch will save valuable time and money by allowing you to present qualified items to the proof department. With minimal space requirements, this MICR encoder provides the optimal cost effective solution for exception item encoding.

  • Encodes single/multipart documents
  • LCD Backlit Display
  • Self-contained Ribbon Cartridge
  • Standard Document Auto Eject
  • Standard Document Catch Tray
  • Future Upgradeability

Additional Features

  • Fixed & Variable Fields
  • Auto Incrementing Fields
  • Exception Field Encode
  • Full Field Encode
  • Repeat Encode Acct. # with CDV/CDG option
  • ABA # with CDV/CDG option USB2 Download Capability

Standard Program Features

  • On-board advanced diagnostics and test mode
  • Auto Incrementing serial numbers
  • Auto-repeat encoding
  • Floating On-Us feature
  • Single pass, full field encoding
  • Ribbon out detection
  • Dog-ear detection
  • Robust keyboard design
  • Self calibrating Sensors
  • 5
    Improved version of MX3

    Posted by CF CU on Sep 5th 2019

    We purchased the MX3 in October and purchased this new version for another office in late December 19--wish this new version was available in October as the improvements in operating and programming are well worth the additional cost. its a great little encoder.

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