Intimus 14.95 Strip Cut Industrial Shredder 1/4 Inch #698904

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Compact large document shredder with sophisticated feeding method. | Feeding via conveyor belt. | Dosage paddles pull not only smooth, but crumpled paper in the same way. | Optimum cutting performance thanks to rugged, wear-resistant cutting rollers made from high-grade steel and a high-power, thermally protected geared electric motor and stable drive. | 440 mm working width; suitable for all standard computer formats.

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977.00 LBS
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Designed for ease of operation, this high performance industrial shredder has easy-to-understand and use controls plus a clearly laid out and rugged rotary selector switch for On/Off and reverse functions.

The swivel-out receptacle is supplied as standard equipment and has a 53 gallon capacity. The receptacle swings to the right side but, upon request, can be converted to left-side access as an option. An optional baler is available.

Basic Specs of the 14.95 Strip Cut

  • Security level 2
  • Shred Size: 1/4" IN ( 5.8 mm)
  • Throat Width: 17"
  • Capacity: up to 140 sheets*
  • Motor: 10 HP Actual
    20 HP Peak**
  • Power: 220V
  • Weight: 977 lbs
  • Dimensions: 65"H x 31 1/2"W x 66"D
  • Shred Bag: 995

Features of the Intimus 14.95 Strip Cut Industrial Shredder by Martin Yale

  • lockable master switch to prevent unauthorized use
  • visual status displays
  • automatic reverse and restart in case of overload
  • programmable logic controller (PLC) coordinates all system functions
  • large feed table for safe and rapid loading to improve productivity
  • integrated conveyor system to move the paper into the cutters
  • paddles in front of the shredding mechanism that handle smooth as well as crumpled paper with ease
  • easy access to the cutting mechanism for periodic maintenance
  • extensive safety systems for all functions to protect the operator and the machinery
  • separate main power switch for safety
  • alarm "bin full" warning, with simultaneous automatic stop of the shredding process.
One Year Warranty