Glory GLR-100 Currency Recycler (Glory GLR-100)

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Glory GLR-100 Series

High-capacity Teller Cash Recycler

GLR-100 is a high-capacity banknote recycler that supports customer transactions as well as bulk merchant note deposits. High-speed loading with continuous banknote feeding, combined with authentication, sorting and storage of notes in high-capacity cassettes, enables rapid transfer to the back-office. CIT collections are streamlined and pick-ups can be minimized, as in-branch note recycling reduces cash inventory and CIT costs.

838.00 LBS
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GLR-100 enables you to deliver a new branch experience by increasing cash processing efficiency, so more time can be dedicated to interacting with customers.

GLR-100 is the ideal cash handling solution for financial institutions as it enables them to implement cash automation into their existing branches, while also offering the flexibility to deploy to future branch environments (for example, moving from traditional teller lines to open branch concepts or other customer interaction models). This deployment flexibility drives higher customer service levels for both routine teller and bulk merchant transactions. Recycling banknotes in the branch can significantly reduce operating costs.

• Supports bulk commercial and merchant deposits and reduces queuing time.

• Authenticated notes can be reused in the branch to reduce cash inventory and CIT visits.

• Increased branch efficiency, improved customer satisfaction and reduced cash handling costs.



GLR-100 standard (5 cassettes): Total recycling capacity of 11,700* notes

GLR-100 high (5 cassettes): Total recycling capacity of 15,700* notes

*Dependent on banknote quality. Capacities are for reference only and are not guaranteed


High capacity recycling cassettes - up to 7 user configurable storage areas

Deposit and dispense: 12 notes per second

Safe type: UL-291 24-hour


16.5” W x 41.1” D x 34.1” H – standard

16.5” W x 44.3” D x 39.8” H – high


7" LCD Touchscreen with Interactive Guidance