Glory Vertera 6G Currency Recycler

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Glory Vertera 6G

Vertera™ 6G, our 6th generation teller cash recycler, represents the latest innovation in teller automation from Glory. Based on our vast experience and market leadership in teller cash recycling, the Vertera 6G is a solution that offers the combination of features and performance to meet today’s branch requirements.

700.00 LBS
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As modern branch footprints continue to shrink, recycling technology must be designed to fit into more space-constrained areas. With the movement to leaner staffing models and the role of the traditional teller expanding to a “universal banker” position, cash recycling technology must be easier for your staff to use and understand. Vertera 6G delivers on all these requirements.

Vertera 6G... Smaller, Simpler, Smarter
The Vertera 6G Teller Cash Recycler [TCR] is smaller in footprint, but its ‘smallness’ does not sacrifice speed, capacity or performance. It is simpler for staff to operate and the amount of start-up training is minimal. Vertera 6G is also smarter - with its large, touch panel LCD, the 6G is in constant communication with your staff and can prompt them with ‘help’ messaging as necessary.

·        30% smaller footprint with same capacity as predecessor

·        Smaller service area required

·        Ideal for space-constrained areas

·        Fits under desk or teller counter workstations

·        Large touch panel display provides useful tools and status display
·        Simple design with intuitive layout supports “universal banker” concept
·        Ergonomically correct for greater staff comfort
·        Minimal staff training required
·        Count Mode
       - Value counting with authentication 
       - Facing and fitness
       - Electronic Journal 
·        Flexible Connectivity options