Topaz SigLite LCD 1x5 HID-USB, T-L460-HSB-R, TL460HSBR

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Topaz SigLite LCD 1x5 HID-USB, T-L460-HSB-R

T-L460 & T-LBK460 Model Series 

SigLite® LCD 1x5 (T-L460 and T-LBK460) is Topaz's low-cost, pressure-sensitive electronic signature capture pad. It features all the high-quality biometric and forensic capture techniques of a SignatureGem® LCD 1x5 pad but with a low-cost touchpad and stylus in place of the more rugged digitizing pen and inert tempered glass surface of the SignatureGem model series.

Featuring an LCD touchpad and stylus, these models show the signature on the signature pad, as well as the computer screen.

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 Topaz SigLite LCD 1x5 HID-USB, T-L460-HSB-R

Imaging, Signature Pads, Topaz, SigLite, SL LCD 1x5 HID-USB is Topaz's low-cost pressure-sensitive electronic signature pad. Features low-cost touchpad and stylus. The touchpad sensor is protected by replaceable overlay. MANUFACTURER RETURN/REFUND POLICIES: (1) Opened boxes will not be accepted for return/refund

Authentication Capability

Forensic quality .SIG data capable of examination and authentication with Topaz software


Create applications using ActiveX or view electronically signed documents. Available as a native Java bean. Create applications in C. Native assembly for the .NET environment. Create applications to capture/embed eSignatures in digital signature fields in PDF documents. High-Performance USB Virtual Serial Serial PAD’S REMOTE USAGE OPTIONS “HSX” signature pads. “BSB” signature pads. “B” signature pads. pDoc Signer® SigTool Imager Plus™ SignMeIn™ Microsoft Office Adobe Acrobat OPOS Driver


Create fillable forms and capture eSignatures in PDF documents or fillable forms. Make images from eSignatures. HIPAA-compatible software for front-desk sign-in. For signing in Word and Excel. Add and view signatures in PDFs using Acrobat. Signature pad drivers for OPOS systems. SigCompare™ SigAnalyze® VERIFICATION SOFTWARE Visually verify eSignatures without the need to create or store templates. Available to forensic document examiners with an active signature dispute.

Two Year Warranty