Tellermate T-ix R1000 Currency & Coin Counter Scale, T-iX R1000 Includes Power Supply

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The Tellermate T-ix R1000 (also known as Tellermate Ti x1000) is the perfect bill and coin counting solution for small businesses, designed to be an accessible and more reliable alternative to counting by hand.The T-ix R1000 is ideal for charities, schools and small companies.

The Tellermate T-ix R1000 does not accept the printer option for use with the printer see the T-ix R2000 unit

Part Number: 1000-001-GEN1

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Counts a till in under a minute.

The Tellermate T-ix R1000 is simple to use straight from the box and comes with a clear, illustrated user guide. The Tellermate T-ix R1000 can count a standard cash drawer in under 60 seconds which represents significant time savings when compared with the usual hand counting times of up to 15 minutes. T-ix R1000 also prevents human counting errors, eliminating the need to double check and helping to prepare bank deposits accurately.T-ix R1000 Features Counts loose bills and loose or rolled coins on the same platform. 

Counting cash is a laborious yet crucial activity that many businesses must undertake on a daily basis. And with the majority of businesses still taking more than half of their revenues in cash, cash management remains one of the largest concerns for senior management across global retail companies. We understand how important it is to streamline cash management across your stores and have developed the T-ix range of cash counting machine to help you achieve this. Regardless of the size of your business, the T-ix is able to help you reduce cash loss, save valuable time and streamline your cash counting process.

As the pioneer of count-by-weight technology, Tellermate has remained at the forefront of the cash management industry for decades. The T-ix is our latest iteration of cash counter and is packed with innovative features that ensure your business is able to dramatically improve its cash handling process. By offering a range of cash counters with varying features, we guarantee that you will be able to find the right product to suit the needs of your business.

  • 5
    Yes a scale actually works...

    Posted by Coffee to Go on Mar 2nd 2012

    Yes a scale actually works to count cash and coin perfectly. This is time saver and will never go without one of these again--watch the video

  • 5
    Time saver

    Posted by CJ Coffee on Mar 2nd 2012

    Should have listened to my employee who used one of these before--its a true time savor and 100% accurate. You won't regret this purchase! Superfast way to count money. If i had thought it through I might have gone with the 3000 version of this machine

  • 5
    All of our stores use this

    Posted by Chicken King on Mar 2nd 2012

    When thinking of using a scale for counting ,money I thought how accurate can this be. Well the other stores swore by them and to my surprise the scale is dead on accurate and saves me about 2 hours a day. I wish I would have gotten the printer option but its not necessary just nice to have cause i like to provide receipts to my staff. You can't go wrong if youre considering one of these scales. Dont forget to buy the cup it doesn't come with one, we actually opted for the teller drawer cups

  • 5
    Good machine

    Posted by Jay B on Mar 2nd 2012

    Normally I don't do reviews but this is our 21 purchase of this machine from data Financial and all of them have saved time and paid for themselves over the past 3 years. If you're wondering if these work at balancing a register you'll be amazed at how fast and accurate they are. Only wish i would have went with the 200 model because of the printer option, this one cannot hook a printer to it.

  • 5
    Saves time

    Posted by Signorales on Mar 2nd 2012

    So it saves money. this scale was what we used at my previous store. It is a great machine. watch the video on this website on the Tellermate.

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