Scriptel ScripTouch Compact LCD EasyScript Electronic Signature Pad (SC-ST1551)

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ScripTouch Compact LCD with EasyScript Device Interface

ScripTouch EasyScript signature pads use keyboard emulation to transmit captured signature data. This enables signature capture in any OS, with any browser, without client PC installs and administrative headaches that come with the use of Java applets or ActiveX controls.The latest version, EasyScript 3.0, enables realtime signature rendering and the ability to switch between ProScript and EasyScript interfaces.

Bonus! Sign PDFs, Word, Excel, OpenOffice Writer and Calc files, Google Docs and Sheets files for FREE with ScripTouch Sign and Save.

Scriptel’s ScripTouch series electronic signature pads are all verified Citrix Ready and feature rugged construction and high reliability for frequent transactions and long lifetimes. Scriptel’s active battery-less tethered pen is proven to perform flawlessly through more than 1 million signatures. The signature sensing layer is a solid, durable, no-scratch, glass signing surface on top of the backlit LCD for great device durability. Signature quality is not affected by wear or heavy use and there are no batteries to replace.

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Rugged Reliability, Industry Best Service, Software Excellence

First economical pad on the market featuring an active battery-less tethered pen in a low-profile modern design with a wide, ergonomic palm rest.

Scriptel’s unique EasyScript interface emulates a keyboard to transmit signatures to the application in real-time. USB keyboards are standard and well-supported in all operating systems and browsers, making it possible to design pure cloud-based applications without client PC installs or reliance on high maintenance components such as Java and ActiveX.

For EasyScript Compact LCD pads, you can order:

SC-ST1551: 1 m / 3.3 ft cable 

SC-ST1551-6FT: 1.8 m / 6 ft cable

SC-ST1551-3M: 3 m / 9.8 ft cable

Key Features and Benefits

• No-Scratch, Backlit LCD
• USB Interface
• Active Battery-Free Pen
• Slim: Less Than 1” tall
• Durable Casing Rugged Reliability Industry Best Service Software Excellence
• Big Non-Slip Rubber Feet
• Removable Cables
Three Year Warranty