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Government Cash And Check Processing Fuel Data Financial, Inc. Growth

On-line store and help desk offer customers diverse solutions.

Feb 15th 2017

Mequon, WI - February 15, 2017

Data Financial, Inc. has announced the expansion of product and services to meet the growing cash and check handling needs of federal, state and local governments. The company’s expanded product base, available on line, includes currency counters, coin sorting and wrapping systems, check scanning devices and check capture software for managing cash vaults, check deposits, and cash drawers for all size operations. “The widely reported demise of cash and checks in the US is an overstatement. There is little evidence to suggest that either cash or checks will soon be history,” according to Jim Holtz, President of Data Financial, Inc.

Data Financial, Inc. provides check processing and currency counting devices, including counterfeit detection products, to financial institutions and government operations throughout the US. The wide selection of cash handling products from Glory, Diebold Nixdorf, Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) Magner, Semacon, Cassida, TellerMate, Hamilton and other manufacturers assure customers that every cash processing solution is available. John Malaczynski, Manager of Business Development, said “Our company is unique in our focus. We work very hard at offering both a wide range of products and a high level of personal service. Customers often need guidance in selecting the right product, in consideration of volume, use, and space. We excel at this.” According to Malaczynski, Data Financial, Inc. has provided currency counting equipment to the GSA, six US Federal Reserve Banks throughout the country, and US armed services and military operations worldwide.

“Our on-line store and help desk is something we manage carefully,” Malaczynski continued, “recognizing that the cash counting needs of our customers are very diverse.” A complete selection of coin and currency counting products can be accessed via the company’s on line store at www.datafinancial.com.

Cash processing continues to evolve and become more automated in retail and banking as management seeks new and efficient ways to improve accuracy, security and accountability. “Cash remains prevalent and important among consumers, especially with the concern all of us have about credit card exposure and the risk associated with having our lives compromised,” Holtz said. Continuing cash flow among consumers drives the need to install accurate and dependable currency counting equipment in retail, local financial institutions and central banks.

Data Financial, Inc. has developed and sold check scanning, processing and archiving systems to the US Mint and the Department of Veteran Affairs. CheckScanPro, a product designed and developed by Data Financial, Inc., offers a practical solution to receiving and processing checks for any government office, charitable organization or commercial enterprise which has the need to process checks for deposit and archive information. Complete information on CheckScanPro can be found at http://www.datafinancial.com/checkscanpro.html.

About Data Financial, Inc.

Founded in 1983, Data Financial, Inc. provides products, systems solutions and custom software to commercial, banking, retail and gaming customers. A consulting and technical staff advises customers about cash automation, check processing products and software, currency and cash products, document security solutions, archive tools and system and software design to meet specific financial and business needs in banks and credit unions. For more information visit http://www.datafinancial.com.