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Glory USA recognized as Top 25 Solution Provider in Retail Technology 2017

Jan 25th 2018

Lisle, Illinois - January 25, 2018

GLORY has been recognized by CIO Applications magazine as a “Top 25 Solution Provider In Retail Technology-2017”. This annual listing of companies recognizes those providing Retail Technology Solutions to help clients build competitive advantages and transform their businesses. The list highlights some of the most prominent organizations in the industry who are leading their clients toward excellence by offering innovative solutions in the retail landscape.

A number of major factors were cited to support Glory’s inclusion in this ranking:

  • Glory has created a line of solutions through their CASHINFINITY range made specifically for retailers and foodservice operators. The company’s recycling technology has been revolutionizing the banking industry for many years resulting in market share leadership, and they have now created a relevant and robust set of solutions for retail.
  • Glory’s extensive banking, cash-in-transit, and software partners provide a wide array of technology solutions to fit unique needs of all retailers to transform cash processing to accelerate movement of cash to the bank.
  • Glory has expanded their offering of professional support services, including experienced business consultants, turn-key project management services, and training support. Glory’s “4D” (discover, design, deploy, deliver) approach is creating true partnerships with its customers.
  • Glory’s industry-leading service team supports customers with high quality service performed by skilled technicians who are experts on Glory’s solutions.

Chris Reagan, President of Glory Americas, says “We are proud to be among those recognized by CIO Applications. Glory has decades of global experience focused on helping our customers improve their business performance, for the benefit of their customers and stakeholders. It is an honor to be recognized for our work.”

As noted by CIO Applications, cash still commands a substantial share of consumer payments, especially in retail and foodservice environments where average dollar transactions are low. This means that retailers still need to handle large volumes of notes and employ significant labor to hand-sort, hand-count, and manually check notes for authenticity. Glory’s solutions reduce manual processing with advanced cash automation technology.

About Data Financial, Inc.

Founded in 1983, Data Financial, Inc. provides products, systems solutions, and custom software to retail, hospitality, gaming, financial and commercial customers. The company offers consultation, custom software, and a wide selection of cash handling products for all industries, including the full line of Diebold-Nixdorf ATM products. Data Financial, Inc. represents most major manufacturers and offers technical support throughout the United States. The company is headquartered in Mequon, WI.

About Glory USA

As a global leader in cash technology solutions, we provide the financial, retail, cash center and gaming industries with confidence that their cash is protected and always working to help build a stronger business.

Our cash automation technologies and process engineering services help businesses in more than 100 countries optimize the handling, movement and management of cash. While we span the globe, we personally engage with each customer to address their unique challenges and goals — enhancing staff efficiency, reducing operating costs and enabling a more rewarding customer experience.

Employing over 9,000 professionals worldwide with dedicated R&D and manufacturing facilities worldwide, GLORY is built on a rich customer-focused, technology-driven heritage spanning almost a hundred years.