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Consumer Spending Drives Data Financial, Inc. Growth

Data Financial, Inc excels at selling cash handling, redemption, and cash dispersing systems.

Aug 24th 2016

Mequon, WI - August 24, 2016

Data Financial, Inc. announces the expansion of product lines to meet the cash handling needs of consumers in retail, casual dining and entertainment. The company’s expanded products are available online at http://www.datafinancial.com/retail-hospitality/, includes cash handling, redemption, smart safe and cash dispensing systems for managing cash drawers and counting cash for all sized operations. “There is no evidence to suggest that cash is going away in our society,” according to Jim Holtz, President of Data Financial, Inc. “To the contrary, cash remains relevant and important among consumers, especially with the concern many have about credit card exposure and the risk associated with having our identities and/or credit compromised,” Holtz said.

Data Financial, Inc. provides coin and currency counting devices, including counterfeit detection products, to franchisees and corporate operations throughout the US. The wide selection of cash handling products from Glory, Diebold Nixdorf, Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), Magner, Semacon, Cassida, TellerMate, Hamilton and other manufacturers assure customers that every cash processing solution is available and the choices are many. John Malaczynski, Manager of Business Development, said “Our company is unique in our focus. We work very hard at offering both a wide range of products and a high level of personal service. Customers often need guidance in selecting the right product to meet all of their unique needs. We excel at this.” Malaczynski notes that Data Financial, Inc. provides cash handling products to many of the nation’s leading casual dining operations, including Culvers, Dairy Queen, KFC, Taco Bell, Chick-Fil-A, Subway and Buffalo Wild Wings. Retail customers include major upscale department stores, theater chains, grocery stores and dollar store venues.

Expanding the company’s presence in cash management, Data Financial, Inc. provides enhanced service and support levels for deployment of Tidel safe products nationwide. Tidel is the recognized world-wide leader in safe solutions for retail establishments, quick-serve convenience stores and casual dining operations. Products include basic cash drop systems to sophisticated automated cashier kiosks designed to provide users with real-time cash accountability. “We have been very focused on reaching the owners of restaurant franchises to provide information and education on the value of both the Tidel Series 4 Safe and even the more basic TACC products,” according to Malaczynski. We are keenly aware that restaurant franchisees, c-store operators and market owners face significant cash exposure challenges every minute they are open to the public. The Tidel secure cash solutions address challenges from the most basic need, to storing cash securely utilizing cash management software which provide owners with valuable information among multiple sites,” said Malaczynski.

Advanced cash handling solutions, including cash recycling, provisional credit and smart-safe capabilities, are installed in casinos, amusement and water parks, golf venues, and quik marts. “We are proud to be factory authorized provider of sales and service support for Glory, Diebold Nixdorf, and Tidel. Manufacturers have taken cash management to a new level of sophistication with generous cost-saving options,” said Malaczynski. Cash recycling for retail, hospitality and entertainment is quickly becoming the operational standard. “Beyond labor savings, automated cash systems enable users to count on advanced security and accountability,” said Holtz. “I am absolutely convinced that all commercial enterprises will eventually embrace cash recycling and automation as a key to loss prevention and increased security within their business model,” Holtz continued.    

About Data Financial, Inc.

Founded in 1983, Data Financial, Inc. provides products, systems solutions and custom software to commercial, banking, retail and gaming customers. A consulting and technical staff advises customers about cash automation, check processing products and software, currency and cash products, document security solutions, archive tools and system and software design to meet specific financial and business needs in banks and credit unions. For more information visit http://www.datafinancial.com.