PDG Samsung EV Charging Tower

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Delight your guests with a seamless and engaging charging experience

Entice electric car owners to frequent your business locations and offer convenient charging with the ElectricVehicle (EV) Digital Charging Tower.  The EV Digital Charging Tower is a self-service EV charging station integrated with a Samsung 55" full outdoor digital screen to display branding, advertisting and information.

500.00 LBS
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Data Financial, Inc. is a registered supplier to the U.S. Government (Cage Code: 3N4R8)

Convenient Smart EV Charging
Convenient electric vehicle charging station with a 40a, 10kw charger to support charging for most electronic vehicles . The
“smart” integrated technology features an App that measures power and voltage as well as the time a car started charging and the length of each charge.

High Visibility and Brightness Make Messages Easy to See
High 2,500-nit brightness, an auto brightness sensor that optimizes brightness, and 5,000:1 contrast ratio work together to deliver easily seen messages even in direct sunlight. Innovative anti-reflective Magic Glass helps cut glare, and Samsung’s circular polarizing technology allows content to be easily viewed even while wearing polarized sunglasses.

Reliable in the Harshest Environments, 24/7
Samsung's OH55F displays feature a patent-pending steady cooling system with heat exchanger that allows them to withstand extreme temperatures of -22˚ F to 122˚ F without requiring a supplemental heating or cooling system. They’re also IP56-certified, to withstand wind-driven dust, hose-driven water, rain, sleet, snow and corrosion.

Built-in digital signage media player and CMS platform
The 55” OH55F includes an embedded media player with a leading-edge digital signage CMS platform making it easy to display your message with instructional information, all in your branding.

Digital advertising signage for maximum ROI
The EV charging station can provide an opportunity to maximize your ROI with programmatic advertising.

Fully Customizable Kiosk
The PDG kiosk can be fully customized with your choice of paint color, logos, decals and wraps to meet your branding needs.

Leverage Data Financial Professional Services
Data Financial provides dedicated comprehensive services and expertise to ensure a successful digital signage experience.. From initial consultation through activation, we configure your displays and operational network to match your vision for success. All supported by out partners Samsung and Palmer Digital.