Giesecke & Devrient BPS C2-2 Mixed Multi Currency Discriminator from G+D Currency Technology (BPS C2-2)

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BPS C2-2. Efficiency in its most compact form

Outstanding performance with compact dimensions: the latest generation of tabletop systems from G+D enables banknotes to be processed even more efficiently and cost-effectively. A throughput rate of 1,050 banknotes per minute ensures outstanding productivity – even when reading serial numbers. Two output compartments offer an array of options for sorting, such as by denomination, orientation, or fitness. What’s more, the best sensors in their class guarantee maximum reliability for authentication and fitness detection. This makes BPS C2-2 the go-to choice for top performance and a high degree of variability for commercial banks, retailers, cash-in-transit companies, and casinos.

Intelligent bill density recognition system eliminates time-consuming stops common in conventional bill counters. Innovatively engineered mechanism combines smooth counting of backloading machines with the user friendly hopper of the frontloading machines. Ergonomically designed simultaneous adding and batching mode allows you to batch needed amounts while keeping track of the total, thus further increasing your money handling efficiency. The 6600 currency counters utilize Infra-Red technology for maximum currency counting accuracy and for half and double note detection

62.00 LBS
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Outstanding performance meets compact size

Greater productivity

The high throughput of BPS C2-2 considerably increases productivity. With no loss of speed, banknotes are counted, checked for authenticity, and sorted by denomination, orientation, and quality. User-oriented and optimized operator guidance keeps the number of work steps required to a minimum.

Greater security

BPS C2-2 boasts the ultimate top-class sensor – fast, reliable, and precise. The system’s remarkable capability to detect counterfeits and sort for fitness reliably and consistently throughout the service life of the system is setting new standards.

Greater ease of use

Intelligent software architecture ensures a simple and intuitive operation and also enables the user to make precise alterations to suit specific customer requirements, thus offering maximum flexibility. Intuitive operation has been redefined – streamlined, unique, and scaled down to what’s important.

Greater future viability

Numerous interfaces make it easy to integrate BPS C2-2 into your processing environment and to fully leverage the versatile nature of networked industry. Modern tools, apps, and web services can be seamlessly incorporated, to create customer processes that are efficient and cost-saving.

180 Days Warranty