Financial Instant Issuance from Panini--instantly give your customers a new or replacement payment card!

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Why Instant Issuance?

Customers are choosing their bank based on convenience: the convenience of mobile banking, ease of use of the bank's app, and instant, in-person solutions when the need arises. Oftentimes, customers have the immediate need for instant issuance of a new payment card when theirs is lost, stolen, or damaged. They also prefer a permanent, personalized card that’s ready to use when they open a new account. Waiting to get a new payment card in the mail, then activating it online, has become a thing of the past. Both customers and banks will benefit greatly from an instant issuance service!

The Solution

As a feature of improved in-branch experience service, this ‘immediacy’ helps to stimulate bank branch transformation. It helps customer retention by serving them in a fast-moving digital era, so the choice of the right instant issuance solution is critically important. Panini's complete financial instant issuance solution includes the Cards On The Spot™ Prestige software - a complete, fully integrated browser based program to personalize and instantly issue ATM, debit, and credit cards.

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Benefits of Instant Issuance to Banks and their Card Holders

Bank Benefits:

  • Cost savings in delivery and fulfilment overheads since cards are no longer mailed
  • Immediate purchase power; cards activated in branch
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Dramatically reduce the amount of inactive cards

Card Holders’ Benefits:

  • Immediacy of collecting the card in branch – avoids 7-10 day wait
  • Reduced risk of mail fraud
  • Save precious time in activating the card – done on collection
  • Lost or stolen cards can be replaced immediately without waiting time
One Year Warranty