Digital Check TellerScan 500, TS500-200IJ Check Scanner, #155000-82H 200 DPM, 100 item automatic feeder

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Digital Check TellerScan TS500

The TellerScan TS500 teller capture scanner represents a breakthrough in document capture at the branch. As fast as the production scanner/sorters at the back counter, smaller than many teller window check scanners, and ready for the connected branch of the future, it can fill any role your bank or credit union needs – today or tomorrow.

With the TS500, we’ve put production speed scanning at the teller window, matching the 200 documents per minute of back counter check scanners. A smaller desktop footprint saves you space, and a new drive belt keeps noise levels to a minimum. Modular options for a card reader, USB hub, and thermal receipt printer make it an extremely versatile teller capture or branch capture device. In addition, we’ve included a high-resolution camera that goes above and beyond the minimum requirements for check capture, and lets you perform image cleanup and analysis in the finest detail.

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If you’re searching for the only teller capture or branch capture scanner that your branches will ever need, look no further. Digital Check’s TS500 is the culmination of 20 years of experience in making check image capture devices for the banking industry. As fast as a production scanner, but quiet and compact, it is designed to make document scanning second-nature.

Using and maintaining the TS500 is easy. The optional AccuTrac auto-alignment system helps prevent paper jams and speed throughput. The Smart LED lets you know when it’s time for cleaning, and an advanced cleaning system keeps your check scanner operating at peak performance. For efficiency, versatility, and ease of use, the TS500 is the complete package.

Self-Cleaning Tool Gets It Done Right

We took the guesswork out of scanner maintenance by giving the TS500 an advanced cleaning mode. Instead of the old hold-and-release method, the TS500 uses a plunger to hold the cleaning card against the feed rollers with the correct pressure and amount of time before releasing it to the track. The new method saves time and ensures the most effective cleaning of your scanner.

Accutrac Auto-Alignment Feature

The most common cause of MICR read errors and paper jams is due to the check not being properly aligned in the feeder. For mixed batches of checks (personal and business), the TS500’s optional AccuTrac auto-alignment system can be turned on to properly orient each item as it feeds.

  • 200 document per minute rated speed
  • Advanced cleaning feature for easy maintenance
  • Optional AccuTrac® auto-aligning feeder
  • Built-in Inkjet endorser
  • Built-in ID scanner
  • 600 dpi color camera
  • Optional magstripe card reader
  • Silent drive belt
  • Smart LED status signal
  • Smart Button™: one button to control multiple functions of the scanner
  • Optional thermal Teller Transaction Printer™(TTP) available
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8.x/7/Vista/XP
  • Compatible with Mac OS X and some Linux distributions
Digital Check
One Year Warranty