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DESKO ICON Scanner® - Optimize your data collection with high tech, low cost, no risk!

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Faster, smaller, better?
If you are looking for a compact data collection solution, the brand new DESKO ICON Scanner is your ideal device.

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What‘s new?
Do you need to collect data from ID documents or passports? Do you need to save passport or ID card images? The new ICON Scanner is designed for ID document scanning, allowing for quick read results and image capture. Captured data can be transferred to any host system for processing e.g. your client’s reservation or contract. The reflection free, highly readable color images can also be stored for proof of existence, archiving or compliance purposes.

Like any DESKO product, the ICON Scanner is exclusively made in Germany and manufactured according to the highest standards.

System Approach
With the ICON Scanner, DESKO offers a high- quality document scanning device that is based on more than a decade of field experience with worldwide installations.

Its class leading scan technology, developed by DESKO, provides high-resolution and reflection free scans under white light and IR. The ICON Scanner therefore provides excellent images for OCR data collection.

This highly reliable and professional tool ensures both, an ideal read result and a clear image capture.

Your Advantages

• Fast and reliable OCR data collection
• Up to 400 dpi high-resolution scans
• Reflection removal scan technology
• Usage of two light sources (VIS, IR)
• USB powered device
• Kiosk or e-gate integration possible

One Year Warranty