CASHINFINITY CI-10 Compact Cash Recycling System

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Cash  handling within the retail sector is costly and requires significant staff resources at all steps of the process. That’s why accuracy, efficiency and security are important. The retail sector is very diverse, and therefore a complete range of solutions is necessary to cater to the specific needs of each shop or chain store.

675.00 LBS
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GLORY Retail Solution offers SMART cash management. It provides total secure closed cash handling, ccentralized control of cash inventory and optimization of all cash processes throughout a store. CASHINFINITYTM is the most advantageous cash management system with remarkable flexibility and extensibility for retailers to fit any size of store, various business segments and each investment plan.
From the CASHINFINITYTM solution portfolio, the CI-10 compact cash recycling system consists of a banknote recycler (CI-10B) and a coin recycler (CI-10C), suitable for use in various applications, including: bakeries, shops, supermarkets, and hypermarkets, etc. The CI-10, integrated into an existing POS system, enables automated cash handling, improves security, staff productivity, customer service and fund efficiency.
The CI-10 is stylishly designed with straight lines; it can be easily integrated into cash desks and self-checkouts. A “Follow me” LED sign assists the customer to operate the system independently and comfortably. If the CI-100 cash recycling system is added, the CI-10 and CI-100 offer a secure closed cash management solution. A stacking collection cassette is also available when the CI-100 is not part of the system.
  • The CI-10 interface cassette enables secure closed cash management (with CI-100)
  • Easy integration into cash desks and self-checkouts and intuitive operation for any customer.
  • Exit shutter avoids handing over partial change to a customer in the event of an incomplete dispense due to jamming / inventory issues.
  • If an error occurs, the POS screen can show a troubleshooting animation to resolve the problem.
  • CI-SERVER, cash management software, can be operated via a web browser, offers centralized cash management.