Ava Cloud Video Security

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Do you have a manual complex and closed video security system at your locations?

  • Outdated and complex
    • Difficult and time consuming to set up and maintain, closed system with large investment and limited interoperability, complex user interface
  • Manual, tedious to monitor and costly

The benefits of Ava Cloud video security that protects your customers, staff and assets

  • Easy to install in minutes
  • Proactive alerts and real-time anomaly detection
  • Proactively use audio alerts to warn criminals
  • Web and mobile access from anywhere
  • Find events faster without searching hours of recording
  • Value beyond security
    • Heat maps, footfall, real time operational and marketing benefits

With Ava Aware cloud based video security solution you can see what`s going on indoors and outdoors

    • Create situational awareness
      • Smart Presence allows counting and tracking of people and vehicles as they move on your premises
      • On camera analytics include directional acoustic sensors to identify sound patterns, such as breaking glass, loud noise, gunshots
      • For emergency events and alerts
        • Integrate with access control, via door locks initiate lockdowns
        • Create anomalies and set rules
    • Think differently
    • Use what you have (existing cameras)
    • Manage real time from anywhere, including alerts on your cell phone
    • Lower costs with a holistic solution
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