AP Technology ezSigner Direct: Securely Add Digital Signatures and Graphics to Checks and Documents as They are Printed

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ezSigner Direct brings extra security, speed convenience, and savings to the process of adding authorized signatures
to checks and documents - as they are printed!

Secure Digital Signatures As You Print

Securely apply signatures to checks and documents with a single pass through your printer. ezSigner eliminates the need for check-signing machines, messy stamps, and sending checks through printers multiple times. No more tedious hand-signing of checks!

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Signature Security

Authorized signatures and graphic files are placed in encrypted overlay that are password protected. ezSigner Direct’s Event Log tracks all printing events, while the system Audit accurately tracks check numbers and account information. Easily add a signature watermark and a Time-Date-User Stamp, too!

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 Easily import and edit graphics to your secure checks and documents. 

​Create as many overlays as required. Import your own graphics, or an AP Technology graphics Pro can optimize designs for you.

15 Month Support included!


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