SDM50 Ultra-Compact Smart Safe

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CIMA's newest ultra-compact smart-safe allows any retailer to secure cash behind the point-of-sale counter quickly and easily. Our innovative self-sealing stacking bag technology eliminates the need for cassettes and transforms the way cash is managed and collected.

  • Ultra-compact
    • Small, compact footprint allows for easy placement and installation
  • Increased accuracty and security
    • Every note is identified, counted and stored in a secure safe reducing the risk of theft
  • Easy note removal and collection
    • Notes are stored in a secure bag and easily removed for transport to bank or by CIT
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SDM 50

Ultra-Compact Smart Safe  YouTube Video Here

The SDM50 is an ultra-compact BANKNOTE deposit machine (smart safe) from CIMA.  Designed for low cash volume applications where moving notes to a secure safe is essential.  It is ideally suited for convenience stores, quick-service restaurants (QSR), pharmacies, and other small format retail environments.

The SDM50 smart safe is equipped with CIMA's unique self-sealing plastic stacking bag technology (1,200 banknotes). The SDM50 has a high performance single note validator.  The benefits of the stacking bag technology include: 

  • Secure, tamper evident bags
  • Fast bag replacement
  • No bulky cassettes required
  • More efficient for CIT companies

Powered by CIMA's own BV1000L validator ensures full image authenticity and compliance with all major global central banks.

The SDM50 is also equipped with a 7 inch touch screen PC that runs our highly configurable CAOS on-device application.  An integrated receipt printer and Dallas key reader is also included.


  • High-performance BV1000L validator for fast and accurate note processing (single note feed)
  • Multiple currency options
  • Pull out system for easy maintenance/replacement
  • Heat sealing stacking bag system
  • Up to 1,200 banknotes
  • Notes are stacked tightly in a plastic bag that is sealed prior to removal
  • Allows for easy transport and processing at CIT depots
  • Safe can only be opened once the bag is fully sealed
  • Small footprint and height for flexible installation scenarios
  • Fully compatible with CAOS device software and C-Link management platform
One Year Warranty