Smart Locker System

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The future of product pickup

Invest in a safe and contactless pickup experience that puts the customer first.  Use cases include: Food Order Pickup, Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store, Asset Management, Secure Storage, Package Pickup/Drop-Off, Small Equipment Rental.

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The Pickup Process

1. Customers order online, with a mobile device, or 1 using a self-service kiosk.
2. The order is immediately communicated for 2 processing.
3. When order is complete, a locker is assigned and 3 automatically opened.
4. A central system sends texts and emails to alert 4 customers that their order is ready.
5. Customer scans a unique PIN or QR code to open 5 the corresponding locker door.

Smart locker systems offer advantages for multiple industries, including:




Higher Education





Modernize your operation down to every last detail

Made from powder-coated sheet metal, the Frank Mayer and Associates Smart Locker System offers seven cubicles for product as well as a customizable control panel module on each side. LED lights and software can match any branding or company colors. Barcode scanners are found on both sides of the system, and translucent doors lock, unlock, and open and shut automatically with self-close hinges.

GRUBBRR provides a fully-integrated contactless customer experience. The company’s experience working with existing ordering software and writing customizable applications pairs seamlessly with the locker K and POS solutions, making for an all-around smart and simple solution.