Sam4s ECR ER-940 (flat keyboard, 2 line display with receipt printer)

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Application: Hospitality

The SAM4s ER-940 is a affordable, full featured, commercial grade electronic cash register. Great for small Cafeterias, Quick Service, Concessions, Ice Cream / Frozen Yogurt Stands, Hamburger Sandwich, Pizza, Coffee Shop, Bakery, Delis and Bars. Preset PLUs facilitate fast and accurate registrations. With 150 key locations, the flat, spill-resistant keyboard can easily accommodate large menus with preset keys for each item. Single printer models are best for receipt-only or journal-only applications. If you choose a single printer model for printing receipts, you can record your journal electronically in the registers memory.

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  •  Flat Keyboard
  •  2 1/4" (58mm) Dual Receipt and Journal Thermal Printers
  •  150 Keys / 100 Programmable Locations
  •  5 Bill, 5 Coin Cash Drawer with Media Slot
  •  Up to 3,500 PLUs
  •  Up to 50 Clerks/Cashiers
  •  Up to 99 Group Totals
  •  Up to 2 Price Levels per PLU
  •  Up to 100 Mix & Match Discounts
  •  Up to 7,000 Lines of Electronic Journal
  •  10 Media Keys: Cash and Check + 8 Additional Charge Keys
  •  Pre & Post Graphic Logos
  •  Up to 6-Line Pre & Post Messages
  •  Complete Financial Report
  •  Individual Clerk/Cashier Report
  •  Two Standard Serial Port: COM1 & COM2 (D-Sub-9M)
  •  Two additional optional Serial Port: COM3 & COM4 (RJ45)
  •  RS-232C Ports Supports: Scanner, Scale, Kitchen Printer, Credit Card Interface, PC Communications with Optional Polling Software, Kitchen Video and more ...
  •  Dimensions: 15-3/4"W x 11-13/16"H x 17-3/4"D
  •  Magnetic Card Reader is Optional.


  •  ER-920: Flat Keyboard and Single Station Printer
  •  ER-940: Flat Keyboard and Dual Station Printer (Receipt & Journal)
  •  ER-925: Raised Keyboard and Single Station Printer
  •  ER-945: Raised Keyboard and Dual Station Printer (Receipt & Journal)