ViewSonic PD0524 5" Pen Display

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ViewSonic Electronic Signature Solutions

As a global leader in solutions for handwritten electronic signatures, ViewSonic offers a broad portfolio of hardware and software to enable the reviewing and signing of digital documents and agreements.
For in-person signing, our signature pads and pen displays offer the premium experience for capturing handwritten electronic signatures.
• Superior pen technology for smooth writing, low maintenance and the ability to capture biometric signature data
• Hardened, anti-glare glass screen for extreme durability and enhanced viewing experience
• Anti-microbial plastics for easier care
Our products work with a variety of industry applications for signing and our own stand-alone apps for signing PDFs.  In addition, we offer SDKs to allow developers to integrate our hardware into their signature workflow.

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Benefit and feature description
Accurate handwriting
PD0524 delivers intuitive and accurate handwriting with 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity.
The 166 pps response rate produces written text and drawing on the screen without delays.
Durable battery-free V Pen
The battery-free V Pen is manufactured using a superior pen-tip material design and has 80,000
tap life span.
Anti-Scratch. Anti-Glare. Anti-Fingerprint
Constructed with an edge-to-edge 8H protective glass, the screen delivers a reliable user experience
during public usages.
Windows Compatible
PD0524 is compatible with Windows 7, 8,10 (32-bit,64bit) and other digital signature software,
including Adobe Reader.
One-Cable for an easy set up
One simplified USB design is use for both power and input signatures. This makes it perfect for
portable usage and easy, clutter free installation in any working environment.
Encryption Policy
Each signature signed on the pen display undergoes a hardware and software based encryption.
All data is protected according to RSA2048 & AES256,the highest industry standards. This ensures
signatures are encrypted before being transferred via USB cable.