Panini Check Scanner EverneXt 100, 100 cpm, EN100.3A.SI.IJ.ID.PG, 100dpm Autofeeder with Vertical Alignment ink jet, ID card

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The Panini EverneXt™ EN100-3A-SI-IJ-ID-PG with 100dpm Autofeeder with Vertical Alignment ink jet, ID card 

This revolutionaly new platform leverages the proven performance and ergonomics of Panini’s highly successful Vision neXt, which was specifically designed to address the most common barriers in teller capture (environment, operator, and document quality issues), resulting in unparalleled levels of usability and productivity, as well as the unprecedented Everest architecture which allows API-free, OS-agnostic integration to a variety of host devices via HTTPS protocol.

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With throughput speed up to 160 documents per minute (DPM) and its on-board intelligence, the EverneXt is designed for the most demanding and time sensitive check capture environments, where it can digitize a wide range of deposit and payment related documents including checks, stubs, and ID cards, maximizing investment ROI while increasing utilization. The ergonomic design with swing-open covers provides complete access to the document track for cleaning, jam removal, and ink-cartridge replacement, maximizing system availability and performance, while the LCD on the top cover is a useful aid to display connectivity status, historical data, error and user messages, and ink jet cartridge monitoring.

 Recemmended Applications

  • Teller Image Capture
  • Branch Image Capture
  • Post Offices

The EverneXt delivers practical & breakthrough innovations:
* Advanced Auto-alignment 
* Full color, dual-sided ID card scanning option
* Integrated Exception Pocket 
* State-of-the-art Advanced Graphics Printer (AGP) option 
* Support for digitizing deposit & payment related documents 
* Ergonomic design with Swing-open Covers 
* Enhanced Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection (DFD) 
* Double Magnet MICR Plus® Reading 

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One Year Warranty