Maverick Mx-6 Series Exception Item Encoder (MX6, MX600) Replaced with MX3 Touch

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Discontinued--See Maverick MX-6 Touch 

4.25 LBS
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Save Space and Labor in the Process
The space saving MX-6 has a footprint about the size of a piece of paper and will allow you to improve customer service by encoding items at the branch level.  By encoding documents such as lobby deposits, counter checks, bonds, and repairing items for reprocessing, the MX-6 will save valuable time and money by allowing you to present qualified items to the proof department.  With minimal space requirements, this MICR encoder provides the optimal cost effective solution for exception item encoding.  This unit is lightweight, compact and is a perfect fit for a small work center. 

Standard Program Features

  • The MX-6 is completely field programmable through the keyboard.
  • On-board advanced diagnostics and test mode
  • 20 programmable functions keys
  • Auto Incrementing serial numbers
  • Single pass, full field encoding
  • Dog-ear detection
  • Ribbon out detection
  • Robust keyboard design
  • Electronic calibrated Sensors
  • Fixed & Variable Fields
  • Auto Incrementing Fields
  • Exception Field Encode
  • Full Field Encode
  • Repeat Encode
  • Acct. # with CDV/CDG option
  • ABA # with CDV/CDG option
  • USB2 Download Capability
  • Serial Communications

Encoder Specifications

  • Speed:  50 dpm
  • Length:  13.25 inches (33.7 cm)
  • Width:  8.0 inches (20.32 cm)
  • Height:  3.5 inches (8.89 cm)
  • Weight:  4.25 pounds (1.93 kg)
  • Keyboard:  30 keys and 20 Programmable functions
  • Display:  20 character, 2-line alphanumeric Backlit LCD
  • Ribbon:  Average yield of 25,000 – 30,000 characters
  • Power:  100-240 VAC, in-line desktop
  • Memory:  Non-Volatile, Flash ROM
  • Encode Capability:  65 character/full field
  • Font:  E13B (other fonts available)
90 Days Warranty