Laurel - K4 Currency Sorter with 4 Stackers and 1 Reject Pocket, Laurel K4

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The Laurel K4 Series is the 4 + 1 pocket Fitness Sorter

Like our other LAUREL products, K4 Series has gone through our own Quality Examination in order to keep the Quality at high. We now confidently introduce K3 with JAPANESE quality such as the reliability, the durability, and the accuracy at the highest level to fulfill your demand.

Reliable Fitness and Authenticating Detection

The K4/K8 Rev.2 is equipped with the high-tech Validator JDU-62, which is the result of LAUREL’s more than 60 years’ experience in cash-handling. The K4/K8 Rev.2 meets ECB standards of the Banknote Recycling Framework. Its Fitness Detection functions sort out taped, soiled, dog-eared and poor-quality banknotes from clean notes. In addition, fitness settings can easily be changed to meet specific needs and requirements. The K4/K8 Rev.2 is equipped with newly-developed IR/MG/MT sensors, enhancing Authenticating (CF) Detection.

210.00 LBS
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Flexible Sorting Edit Modes

The Sorting Pattern Edit Mode has been improved more from K4/K8 Rev.1. This can help you to have more flexibility to customize the Sorting Pattern in order to follow different kinds of the customer demand.

Enhanced New Feeder

By adding the Vibration Roller to the current Feeder, the machine can feed the bank note which has a variety of conditions with higher stability. As the result of this, the enhanced New Feeder of K4/K8 Rev.2 will help to increase your productivity.

Easy Operation

Operating the K4/K8 Rev.2 is as simple as turning on the Power Switch, selecting the Mode, and setting the banknotes onto the Hopper. Initializing process is remarkably fast. In addition, the large LCD and Touch Screen enable the operator to verify each operation and to observe more information

Sorting Stacker

Each stacker is equipped with LED illumination to indicate a full Stacker and a display where the number and type of banknotes are indicated by different colors. The operator will know immediately which Stacker is full and what type of banknote is being sent to which Stacker.

90 Days Warranty