Glory UWH-1500 Currency Sorter with dual strapping unit (call for price)

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The UWH-100 improves efficiency and productivity of cash management, by sorting and strapping cash within the cash centre or financial institution. Workload is minimised and accuracy achieved with reliable fitness sorting and counterfeit detection. 

The UWH-1500 with AccuStamp™ and EZRead™ technology  improves efficiency and productivity by sorting and strapping  cash. It delivers a minimized workload, enhanced accuracy and  performs authentication by using several types of sensors to  detect suspect counterfeit notes during processing.


1.00 LBS
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Data Financial, Inc. is a registered supplier to the U.S. Government (Cage Code: 3N4R8)

Many cash centers are constantly handling large amounts of banknotes. Our new banknote sorter UWH-1500 provides a wide range of opportunities for high-productivity and accurate processing, for optimal banknote operations. Multiple processes, durability and a wide variety of functions, bring dramatic cash management enhancements.

 Authentication and enhanced productivity

UWH-1000 complies with the ECB framework for the recycling of banknotes, enabling accurate counting and sorting operations with Glory unique sensor technology. The large hopper capacity holds up to 1,000 notes.

Non-stop operation

Strapping operations differ by country or area. Multi-pockets enable simultaneous two-denomination strapping. Furthermore, when any pocket reaches a 100 piece batch, the sorting process will continue utilising any other remaining pockets. UWH-1000 enables effective processing without stopping operations.

Compact design

With a compact design, the UWH-1500 fits virtually anywhere in the cash centre environment.

 Color touch screen

Ease of operation is achieved with the 15-inch colour touch-screen that provides error recovery messages, displayed as easy to understand illustrations.

90 Days Warranty