GLORY SK-100 Casino Kiosk

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The SK-100B/100C sets a new standard in casino kiosk performance.

With its rounded design and eye-catching multi-colour LED illumination, the SK-100B/100C is a stylish addition to casino decor. Operating tips are displayed on the large, bright, easy-to-see 15-inch touch screen. The banknote validation/hopper section is positioned at a convenient height and features flickering lights that make it easy to find the insertion and dispense points. Casino patrons will appreciate the SK-100B/100C’s outstanding ease of use. Casino operators will appreciate its many advanced features.

1.00 LBS
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Data Financial, Inc. is a registered supplier to the U.S. Government (Cage Code: 3N4R8)

Even higher transaction throughput than our previous model

The SK-100B/100C features a multiple-ticket pay-off function that can process up to 10 tickets at the same time. Combined with a 30% higher transaction speed than our previous model, this function reduces pay-out waiting time for patrons and lets the SK-100B/100C efficiently serve a continuous flow of patrons.

On-screen menu improves maintenance ease

Instant cassette ID entry method helps the operator to process drops/fills quickly and easily. Overall maintenance is easier with an interactive screen and illustrations to guide the operator.

User-friendly ATM and ticket redemption interface capabilities

The SK-100B/100C casino kiosk is a multi-function, self-service unit that provides patrons easy and convenient access to conduct ATM transactions, with ticket voucher slot for casino redemption and other cash related services.


Dimensions 29.1" x 33.7" x 59.7"
Weight Approx. 762 lbs.
Currency Dispenser 5 locked cassettes,
3,000 notes per cassette
Reject Cassette Separated lockable cassette
Coin Dispenser 3 hoppers, 1,000+ pieces per hopper
Printer Thermal Printer
Screen Monitor 15" Color Touch Screen Monitor
Card Reader Magnetic Stripe Card Reader